Why We BUY!!

After working as a full-time collectibles dealer for over two decades, I became bored with simply buying new products from manufacturers and reselling these same products over and over. A few years ago, a long-time customer who was getting up in years asked could I please help him sell his vintage sports card collection. We assisted him and he was incredibly grateful for how we had helped him. Other such opportunities started coming our way, so I began focusing more and more on how I could use our business to be a blessing to those who needed to sell their inventory and create win-win scenarios. Just 3 years ago, a local policeman came in our store with over 200 baseball cards from 1909 that he had inherited. We assisted him by getting his cards professionally graded and then sold many of them on consignment, and later purchased the rest of them outright. In total he received several thousand dollars for a small box of cards he had inherited from his father. We know that there are thousands of individuals out there who are in a similar situation. Those who have items they inherited, and those who simply no longer collect. Whatever the situation, and whatever your need, we are here to assist you. We love the interaction with others, and we enjoy the excitement of looking through older collections, and it is a blessing for us to be able to help others financially.

Other ways we can assist you with your collectibles is in our role as an authorized representative for leading companies such as PSA ( Professional Sports Authenticator), BGS (Beckett Grading), JSA (James Spence Authentication), and CGC (Comic Grading & Authentication). We are also a national representative for Huggins & Scott Auctions out of Maryland. Our partnership with each of these companies allows us opportunities to better assist collectors all over the globe.

Sadly, there are many individuals and companies out there that cannot be trusted. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation and pledge to conduct each transaction with honesty and integrity. We can provide an extensive list of hobby references if you have any questions about working with us.

And finally, we buy stuff because at heart, we too are collectors. We love sports cards, comics, and other “cool stuff.” My house is full of it…. but there’s always room for more. Thanks for reading and if you are ready to sell, simply CONTACT US.


Joe Davis, head buyer, WeBuyStuff.Net

President, GotBaseballCards.com
Serving Collectors Since 1991